Rugby Ready - World Rugby's preparation resource : Principles of play
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Principles of play

Rugby is an invasion and evasion game; once possession has been gained, the objective is to move the ball forward (by carrying or kicking) into opposition territory and ultimately score points. It is important for everyone to understand the fundamental principles of play and how they relate to the skills required to play the Game.

The principles of play

Foul play

Foul play is anything a person does within the playing enclosure that is against the letter and spirit of the Laws of the Game. It includes:

  • Obstruction
  • Unfair play
  • Repeated infringements
  • Dangerous play
  • Misconduct

Any form of foul play must be dealt with quickly and firmly.

Remember - we all have a collective responsibility to ensure that the unique spirit and ethos of the Game are upheld and that we take a responsible attitude towards the welfare of ourselves and others.

The following sections offer some best practice guidelines for players, coaches and match officials to introduce, develop and execute the skills of Rugby in a safe manner so as to minimise the risk of injury.