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The lineout

General points

  • All players should ideally be able to be jumpers and supporters
  • Players can change roles (jumper/supporters) and position during the lineout
  • The performance of the thrower is key to a successful lineout
  • Players must communicate to ensure a safe and effective lineout
  • Starting position:
Chest and hands upBend knees
  • Explode upwards from a two-footed take off
  • Move dynamically into a position from which you can easily be supported
  • Maintain a long body shape (brace by squeezing butt cheeks) to ensure that both jumper and support players can maintain control
  • Sight ball through hands as you extend arms to catch
  • Communicate with your support players to manage your safe return to the ground
  • Make a two-footed landing and bend at the knees

Lineout safety:

  • Players must not do anything to intentionally destabilise a player in the air
  • Players must not do anything to intentionally destabilise a player who is supporting a player in the air
  • Support players are responsible for the players in the air and bringing them to ground safely