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The tackle

Arriving players
  • All arriving players must enter the tackle area through the gate
  • Only players on their feet may compete for the ball
  • Keep shoulders above hips
  • Players arriving at an attempted but incomplete tackle:
    - maintain a strong, stable and low body position
    - use the arms to grasp ball carrier
    - avoid contact with other players’ heads and necks
    - bring the ball carrier safely to the ground
  • If clearing or driving out defenders:
    - maintain a strong, stable and low body position
    - ‘eyes up’ - sight the target, chin off the chest
    - keep the spine in line with the direction of drive
    - start the drive from a low body position
    - make contact with defender using the shoulder and arms, not the head
    - close arms around opponent
    - drive the player away and clear the ball
    - bind with a team-mate to improve stability

How the tackle gate forms

During the tackle, both players should attempt to rotate to face their own team-mates.

Red team

Blue team
Red team

Blue team
Before contact Tackle completed

The tackle gate

Red players must join from here
No player may join from here No player may join from here
Blue players must join from here