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Physical conditioning exercises on the field

9. Single leg stance

Stand on one leg with hands on hips. The non-stance knee must be bent to 90 degrees and raised into the high knee running position with the toes curled up towards yourself. Try to stay balanced for the same time on both legs.

10. Hamstring drop

This is best performed with partner assistance. One player adopts a kneeling position with the second player positioned directly behind. Kneel on a soft surface with the partner securing and anchoring the participant’s ankles. The player then descends slowly with good posture and makes contact with the ground by absorbing the drop with open palms. Keep the shoulder blades pulled down and back to maintain a flat back. Avoid dropping the head by keeping the chin off the chest. The player should push themselves back up so as not to use hamstrings concentrically.


Anyone intending to undertake a physical conditioning programme should seek medical advice from a registered medical practitioner prior to doing so. The information and guidelines regarding the skills of Rugby and associated physical conditioning should only be used following and in conjunction with advice from appropriately qualified trainers, coaches and referees.