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Physical conditioning exercises on the field

7. Partner pull

This exercise involves two people. The first person lies on the ground and the second person straddles the first. The person in the straddle position squats down with a straight back and bends the arms at the elbow. The person on the ground grips the partner’s arms like a chin-up bar and, keeping a straight body, pulls up off the ground, pivoting at the heel.

8. Oblique / side bridge

This exercise strengthens the muscles at the side of the torso and the lower back. Position the body on the side so that it is supported by the elbows and feet. Lower the hips under control so that they touch the ground lightly and then return to the starting position by raising the hips. Ensure that the body is kept in a straight line and that there is no inward or outward rotation. Keep the shoulders, hips, knee and ankles in line.