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Warm up

2. Transit mobility

The next stage of the warm up increases the level of intensity and focuses more on transit movements that require the player to travel a greater distance. Use dynamic stretches as shown here, not static stretches, at this stage.

Below are some examples of exercises which can be completed during the transit mobility section. The reps and time spent completing the exercises will vary depending on the players’ experience and the content of the session or match to follow.

Walking lunge

This is an excellent exercise for the hips and buttock muscles. It also prepares the groin, quads and hamstrings. Keep the chest high and back flat, whilst keeping the head still and chin off the chest. The movement begins by standing with the feet together and by taking a stride with a high knee that is long enough to stretch the hip and hamstrings but not so deep that balance is lost. Don't let your front knee go past your toes. Bring your rear foot forward to land beside your front foot. Repeat with the opposite leg. A variation option would be to hold a ball above the head.

Walking carioca

Walk sideways by placing your right foot across the front of the body until it is past the left foot. Place the weight of your body on the right foot and pull your left foot past your right foot. Place your right foot behind your body and past your left foot. Pull your body sideways with your right foot and place your left foot past your right. Complete above for a set distance and complete facing both ways.

Walking high knee stretch

This is a good starting drill as it stretches the muscles of the hips and buttocks. Keep the chest high and spread wide, whilst focussing on pulling shoulder blades down and drawing them together. Step forward and grasp the shin of the opposite leg and pull the knee to the chest. Focus on extending the supporting leg and raise up onto the toes. This will also prepare the muscles of the foot and ankle joint.

Quad stretch / kicks

Raise one leg from the ground in a stable and controlled manner. Kick the leg straight up so you feel a stretch on the front of your thigh. Repeat the same movement with the opposite leg.