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The tackle

Check that:

  • The tackle is made below the shoulder line
  • The tackler uses the arms to grab and hold the ball carrier
  • If the ball carrier is lifted off the ground, they are brought back to ground safely
  • The tackler releases the tackled player
  • The tackled player passes, places or releases the ball immediately
  • Both players get to their feet
  • Arriving players enter the tackle zone through the correct gate
  • Arriving players remain on their feet

Watch for:

  • Illegal and/or dangerous acts, which are not tackles (see the earlier section on dangerous tackles)
  • Players who charge or obstruct opponents who are not near the ball
  • Tackles making contact with the head or neck or which might cause damage to the neck or head - these MUST be strictly dealt with

Visit World Rugby’s Law Education web site at worldrugby.org/laws